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Billy Hunt


Name of band

The Driscolls


Band member
Instrument played/role in band

Mike Eagle

Guitar and Vocals

John Foster

Bass and Vocals

Martin Hutt


Les Parry

Paul Forester

James King

Guitar and vocals
Michele Shillace


Information about your band - musical style - what were you best known for

Formed in 1988 by Mike and John. 60's/Indie. European Tour. John Peel Airplay. Gigs up and down the country


record releases

Girl I Want You Back

Single Restless Records 1988

Dr Good And His Incredible Life Saving Soap 12"

Single Teatime Records 1989

Julie Christie

Single Teatime Records


Single Teatime Records 1990
Airspace II (time for change)
Compilation Breaking Down
Revolution No 9 (She Said She Said)
Compilation Pax Records Pop God


Did any other bands evolve from this line up?
Wonderful, Flat Stanleys


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