a family tree

1980 to 1990

The intention of this site is to create a database of the bands who were involved in playing on the bristol music scene during the 1980s.

The database will list the bands, their members, which bands led to the formation of others (the band family tree), a "where are they now" section and a link to enable contacts to be made.

Any bands involved in playing in the Bristol and surrounding area have the opportunity to upload images and tracks and supply information of their band at the time.

Most of the bands from this era have since split, but a few still survive. Some have gone on to do great things in the world of music, but most of us haven't. At least now we have the chance to find out what really happened to the bands of the 1980s who were part of the Bristol music scene.

This is an interactive site and depends on your input for it's success.

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