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Mark Stewart


Gareth Sager


John Waddington


Simon Underwood


Bruce Smith


Dan Catsis



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record releases

She is Beyond Good and Evil/3'38 (7" and 12" Singles)

Radar Records ADA29 (1979)

Y (LP)

Radar Records RAD20 (1979)

We Are All Prsotitutes/Amnesty International Report

Rough Trade Records RT023 (1980)

For How Much Longer LP

Rough Trade Records Rough 9 Y2 (1980)

Where There's A Will (7" Single)

Rough Trade RT039 (1980)

We Are Time (Live LP)

Rough Trade Rough 12 Y5 (1980)

Y (CD)

Radar Records SCAN CD14 (1996)

We Are All Prostitutes CD compilation

Radar Records SCAN CD31 (1998)


Did any other bands evolve from this line up?

Mark Stewart's Maffia

Rip, Rig & Panic



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