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Billy Hunt


Name of band

Unity Station


Band member
Instrument played/role in band

Mike Eagle

Guitar and Vocals

John Foster

Bass and Vocals

Tim Hutt


Simon Rippon

Sarah McCombie


Information about your band - musical style - what were you best known for

Unity Station was formed by Mike Eagle around 1982. Released 12" EPs - C1177 The Triangle and Day After Day. Became 3-piece, Mike, Simon and John. High points - John Peel and Janice Long airplay. Si Rippon joined Fields of Nephilim. Mike and John went on to form The Driscolls


record releases

C1177 The Triangle

Single Restless Records 1986

Day After Day

Single Restless Records 1987


Did any other bands evolve from this line up?

The Driscolls, Dice, Fields of Nephilim


Where are the band members mow?

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