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Chris Bostock

Bass, Vocals

Clive Arnold
Vocals Guitar
Neil Mackie
Kevin Mills


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Bristol punk band


record releases

Anthem - Avon Calling compilation LP

Heartbeat Records HB1 (1979)

Blue Movies - 4 Alternatives compilation EP

Heartbeat Records PULSE4 (1979)


Recreational Records PLAY1

Queen And Country/Visions of Fate - Bristol Recorder 2

Heartbeat Records BR002

Fussing & Fighting
Bristol Archive Records, Feb 2009


Did any other bands evolve from this line up?
Musical style evolved with reggae influences and rhythm & blues


Where are the band members mow?
Chris Bostock joined Subway Sect, then formed the JoBoxers and Dave Stewart & the Spiritual Cowboys and is now a music producer and session musician. Neil Mackie directs Mugenkyo Taiko Drum Group in the UK

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